Application Process
  1. Choice of University Site:  Students in the ARTC Program must select one of the three participating university sites (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Saint Mary’s University,  University of New Brunswick, or University of Prince Edward Island) as their “home university”.  Applications for admission to the program and all subsequent administrative matters are handled at the student’s chosen university.
  2. Prospective Student Advising:  Students anticipating an application to the ARTC program should seek the advice of the Program Lead or Site Coordinator at their home university well before the application deadline.
  3. Application Forms:  Prospective ARTC students should complete an application for admission to graduate studies at their chosen university site.  Application forms are normally available from the School or Faculty of Graduate Studies or Registrar’s Office (or equivalent) at the student’s home university, or can be downloaded from the ARTC website.  Students should be certain to download the appropriate form for the university they wish to attend, and should submit the completed form directly to the university in question before the admission deadlines published in the respective university calendar.
  4. Supporting Documentation:  In addition to the appropriate application form, prospective students are also required to submit the following:
  • Official Transcripts of all university and post-secondary institutions attended.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation from post-secondary instructors or others familiar with the student’s work (Note: 2 letters of recommendation are required at the MUN site).
  • An individual Letter of Intent describing the student’s research and professional interests in the area of applied health services research, and describing how the ARTC Master’s program matches the student’s own goals and experiences.
  • TOEFL Test Scores (or equivalent), for students whose first language is not English.
  • All applicable university application fees.
     Deadline for applications (all sites): March 1st