About Us

The ARTC is a collaborative venture among four Atlantic Canada universities - Memorial University of Newfoundland, University of New Brunswick, University of Prince Edward Island, and Saint Mary's University. The objectives of the ARTC are to:

  • Provide graduate education at the master’s level in the area of applied health services research from an interdisciplinary perspective;
  • Advance reciprocal arrangements between academic communities and decision-maker organizations which facilitate the use of evidence in policy decisions affecting the health of Atlantic Canadians;
  • Create a platform where interchanges between decision makers and health researchers from academic communities can generate policy relevant research.
Each university has a program lead:

Memorial University
Dr. Rick Audas

Saint Mary's University
Dr. Lucie Kocum (on sabbatical)

University of New Brunswick                                                
Dr. Lisa Keeping-Burke

University of Prince Edward Island
Dr. Jennifer Taylor